Photographs by York Bing Oh


 Malgorzata Maria Olchowska + York Bing Oh (atelier Oh)

Intersections refer to the crossing of elements as well as the overlapping of space and domain. 

prints – structures – objects.

office/gallery –  private/public – indoor/outdoor.

For this exposition, we are creating a dialogue between the existing office space and our installation. 

The exposition space is a crosspoint between the private and the public zones, the office and the archive, the ground floor and the basement. 

The installation situates itself in the middle of this crosspoint. 


Part of the exhibition is the new series of prints Grassland that I made in Frans Masereel Centrum in 2020. In these large-format silkscreen prints, I portray landmarks that define the character of a landscape. The small monuments of the past are positioned at varying distances to the horizon,  the only fixed element in the landscape. 

Grassland creates a new memory of a place that in itself is a collection of memories. 


As an addition to the installation, there is a small collection of our drawings and sketches, located in the office archive space in the basement. 

Visitors are invited to both the exposition and the archive.

Practical info: 

The vernissage of the expo will take place on Friday 15 October from 5 pm.


Rooilijn Architectuur

Gitschotellei 250, 2140 Borgerhout.

The exhibition can also be visited as part of ‘The Day of Architecture’ on Sunday 17 October from 1 pm to 6 pm.

After that, the exhibition can be visited freely from Monday 18 October to Friday 17 December during office hours.