Naked Building

|   2021-22   |  solarplate etching    |

size 9,5cm x 10,5cm

Project Myth of the Officers’ Club was developed in Kaunas (LT) during my residency in frame of the Modernism for the Future program. 

The Myth of the Officers’ Club. The Naked Building looks at the Ramove building in Kaunas after removing all the mythological and historical layers from the building. What remains is a ‘neutral’ architectural space which might be described by the following characteristics: composition, proportions, materials and details.

Kaunas Evidences.

During the public presentation of the first part of the project evidences of the Myth of the Officers’ Club were collected by the witnesses. They are memories of the Naked Building that few have seen in real life.  Of the 30 photographs collected on that day, 5 were translated into prints.

The second series of print is inspired by the first series, works with it and plays with the composition of the previous ‘evidences’. 

All 10 create a new myth, the Myth of the Naked Building. 

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