Naked Building. Myth of the Officers’ Club

|   2021  |  installation    |

Project Myth of the Officers’ Club was developed in Kaunas (LT) during my residency in frame of the Modernism for the Future program. 

The Myth of the Officers’ Club. The Naked Building looks at the Ramove building in Kaunas after removing all the mythological and historical layers from the building. What remains is a ‘neutral’ architectural space which might be described by the following characteristics: composition, proportions, materials and details.

The participation of local residents was an important part of this project. The model was used to initiate a dialogue, about the building itself, its memory and its identity.
What is the role of this Officers’ Club in the minds of Kaunas residents and how does it influence the perception of architecture?
What kind of relationship do the inhabitants have with Ramove? Is it an important part of the local identity?
What will be left of the Ramove building if all the historical layers and decorations are removed?

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