Remnants of polders, forests, flood-meadows and moors 

|   2019   |  exhibition Open Call: 20 years of public architecture  

 curated by :  Maarten Liefooghe and Maarten Van Den Driessche 

organised by: Team Vlaams Bouwmeester

curtain: Studio Ester Goris

stands and frames: Atelier Oh 

Part of the original landscape structure is still visible on the edges of Flanders and in fine-meshed residual areas. These nature reserves are shreds in the densely built-up fabric. They are located in the vicinity of centres and lie between meadows and fields where agriculture is practised on an industrial scale. These areas only have limited public access and are preserved as natural habitats. The local fauna and flora are given free rein. 

Many Open Call projects in this landscape have been designed as reception infrastructure for provincial or municipal leisure areas. In De Boerekreek in Sint-Laureins, for example, sports and youth camps are organized. At other places, such as the Remembrance Park in the Westhoek, remnants of important events from the past are made more ‘readable’ and accessible in the landscape. 

(Maarten Liefooghe, Maarten Van Den Driessche)

photo UGent/Pierre Putman ©Gosia Olchowska

photo ©Gosia Olchowska

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